Please remember the first Sunday of each month is Brown Bag Sunday.  Please bring your donations to the food shelf and leave them in the basket by the west entrance.  Remember, this is always the first Sunday of the month.

 ATTENTION:  We are doing a bi-monthly newsletter to cut down on expenses.  Please have all information for the month’s newsletter to the church secretary the Tuesday before the last Sunday of the month by noon to ensure it makes it into the newsletter.

Pastor Clint’s office hours will be Mondays from 2:00-4:00 p.m.  if anyone wishes to meet with him.

Attention:  If you would like to add a prayer request, you need to specifically say it.  Telling someone and expecting it to be put on the prayer chain does not work.  Also, it needs to come from the FAMILY of the person wanting prayer. 

 Pray for Missionaries:  Remember to keep praying for Ardell & Gordon Graner, the two Methodist missionaries in the Dominican Republic that our church is to pray for this year.  They need our constant prayers as they carry on the work for the church.

Needed for the Mission Quilts:  Old blankets, bedspreads, mattress pads, etc. to be used as filling for the mission quilts.  Also in need of old sheets to use as backing.  There is such a need for quilts, as there are still so many terrible things happening around the world.  If anyone would like to buy and donate washable battings for quilts, that would be great too.  Thank you.


Watonwan County Humane Society

The Watonwan County Humane Society needs volunteers.  If you can help one morning or several mornings from 8:00 to 10:00 a.m., it would mean so much!  We need help cleaning cages and colonies, litter boxes and giving fresh food and water.  Then spend special time with the cats and kittens giving them the love and attention they long for.  It’s rewarding for all involved.  For more information please call:  Dogs:  Sue Leach at 507-388-5006        Cats:  Peg Lewis at 507-380-5884




*Please check out the reminder chart on

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monthly reminders!

Happy Birthday


3rd:  William Hageman

9th:  Kevan Moody

18th:  Harold Bowers

20th:  Rev. Clinton F. Firstbrook III

22nd:  Eleanora Yates

27th: Orrin Yates

29th:  Gary Wilson


1st: Lois Rossiter

14th Al Adams

19th:  Diane Benda

25th:  Catalina Delacruz

28th:  Linda Wilson






5th:  Clint & Jaine Firstbrook-39 years


3rd:  Jerry & Charlotte Knaak

9th:  Charles & Karen Waterbury-9 years

10th:  Mike & Alice Gaines-51 years

14th Eric & Laurel Penn-48 years