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Attention:  If you would like to add a prayer request, you need to specifically say it.  Telling someone and expecting it to be put on the prayer chain does not work.  Also, it needs to come from the FAMILY of the person wanting prayer. 

 Pray for Missionaries:  Remember to keep praying for Ardell & Gordon Graner, the two Methodist missionaries in the Dominican Republic that our church is to pray for this year.  They need our constant prayers as they carry on the work for the church.

Needed for the Mission Quilts:  Old blankets, bedspreads, mattress pads, etc. to be used as filling for the mission quilts.  Also in need of old sheets to use as backing.  There is such a need for quilts, as there are still so many terrible things happening around the world.  If anyone would like to buy and donate washable battings for quilts, that would be great too.  Thank you.


Watonwan County Humane Society

The Watonwan County Humane Society needs volunteers.  If you can help one morning or several mornings from 8:00 to 10:00 a.m., it would mean so much!  We need help cleaning cages and colonies, litter boxes and giving fresh food and water.  Then spend special time with the cats and kittens giving them the love and attention they long for.  It’s rewarding for all involved.  For more information please call:  Dogs:  Sue Leach at 507-388-5006        Cats:  Peg Lewis at 507-380-5884

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Running a church involves many things.  We need…  
A healthy dose of prayer. 

A sense of commitment and connection to community and future.  A dedicated staff and volunteers.  Hard work.  

And yes… money.  Which we hate to ask for but…We need money to cover building expenses, operating expenses, worship expenses and salaries. 
We now have on-line giving available.  We would like to encourage you to use our on-line giving on our website  Please remember to check it out and encourage others to use also.

May 7, 2019


To All Members,


   On May 5th there was a very important Congregational meeting with the District Superintendent in order to make some important decisions regarding our future in our present location. It is important that everyone realizes that our present building is too large and that we need something smaller and more accessible for our older and handicapped members.

     We will be having a church conference at St. James UMC on June 9th, 2019 at 11:30 with District Superintendent Fred Vanderwerf presiding.

     The first step has been taken to start the process of abandonment and discontinuation. The church has been listed for sale and an active search for a buyer has started.

    The second step is to schedule a church conference immediately to vote on discontinuation as a local church and or building abandonment this meeting will be on June 9th at 11:30 following worship.

     If it becomes evident that the building doesn’t have any interested buyers, then we should consider an auction (like a farm auction) no later then the end of summer. All proceeds of the sale will be turned over to the conference new congregational development fund.

      Since the recommendation for discontinuation as a local church family is the one that is supported by some members here are some thoughts.


  1. Given that the church can no longer pay its apportionment’s, and that by discipline proceeds from any capital sale cannot go towards general operating budget, there should be a vote for discontinuance.
  2. This doesn’t mean current members cannot continue to gather and even contract privately with the pastoral services from Pastor Clint, but it does mean it would end its relationship with the United Methodist Annual Conference.
  3. The preference of the District Superintendent would be that upon discontinuation the remaining members would consider transferring as a group to Madelia or Trimont UMCs. Between now and June 9th we could have the pastor and some members of those churches come and meet our congregation and invite us into that possibility. In this way, remaining membership that choose to transfer would be supporting another local congregation that is invested in the conference through apportionment giving. The DS has spoken to Pastor Dan Dempster in Madelia and he is open to this.
  4. The feeling is that in reality that the Minnesota Annual Conference will likely have to inherit the burden on the building while the church gets off “scot free” because the impression that we gave was that the church was not seriously looking to alleviate the building expenses SO THAT we could free up funds to take seriously again the paying of apportionment’s.



      You are encouraged to come and vote on June 9th, 2019 after worship.

      We may endeavor to return items to families that have been donated to the church or allow members to obtain emotionally significant keepsakes from the church.  

Yours in Christ,


Jeanne Schuett, Lay Leader and Secretary to the Board

Clinton F. Firstbrook III, Pastor