Pastor’s Notes


            Just the other day I saw ads for Christmas and we haven’t even had Halloween yet!  And so it goes.  Still Christmas is important, not for selling and buying but because a babe came into this world who was special.  I’m sure he cried like other babies but he was God’s only begotten son, sent here for our salvation, sent on a mission.

            Perhaps for the shepherds who first were told the “good news’ it was just another night on a tedious job, but then something extraordinary happens.  Suddenly there is a brightness like midday.  The angels tell the shepherds of the birth of a true savior, not like Caesar, who was called “a Savior, who is the Messiah”.  The new savior has come to bring life and joy to all people. 

            The shepherds tell Mary and Joseph about the angels visit.  They become the first evangelists.  They wonder and Mary ponders.  Are we evangelists today???

            Scripture tells us that all the people are amazed.  Who were these people?  We aren’t told but maybe this is how we enter the story.  Usually, we too are spectators at Christmas Eve worship.  We enjoy the story, the carols, candlelight, and singing Silent Night.  If, however, we really hear the shepherd’s story, we become participants.  We can step into the stable and let the child, Jesus, change our lives. 

            This Christmas, 2018, enable us, O God, to experience the “new birth” in both Bethlehem and in our lives.  Amen.

“Be born in us today”,

                                                                                           Pastor Clint