Pastor’s Notes

“Come and See”


“Come and see” is how the disciples’ story begins.  It’s a wonderful line and a great way to start a story.  “Come and see” is the invitation to explore, discover and travel without knowing exactly where we are going, but to know that if we catch a glimpse of God, we will also catch a glimpse of who we can be.  Come and see.  Come and look for places where we’ve never been.  Come and see what it means to hope, believe, and follow.


We may end up doing the things, Jesus did, which is to care for the hurting, listen to the lonely, feed the hungry, pray for the broken hearted, bandage those who are wounded, do more than expected.


The spirit of worship is the spirit of adventure.  We come to seek the meaning of life, join with the other people on the journey and ask God to help us see where grace invites us.  We are here to look at the gifts we’ve been given and the needs of the world.  We come to God’s house to discover the possibilities.


If we worship God, if we share our lives with other people looking for God, we will see beyond what we have assumed.  If we look for God, we will find that God is looking for us and offering newness of life.


So as we enter this new year of 2018, “Come and See”, what it means to hope, believe, and follow here at the St. James United Methodist Church.  Again, “Come and See”.

In Christ,

                                                                                           Pastor Clint