Pastor’s Notes

Recently I received in the mail an advertisement for some very special coins.  These were to commemorate the first landing on the moon by Neil Armstrong in 1969.  Do you know that some people still refuse to believe this event ever happened?  What an amazing accomplishment , though.

As we think about this, and begin the season of Lent that leads to Jesus’ resurrection, picture the excitement of the disciples as they beheld the risen Lord for the first time.  Even though he told them he would rise again and had sent them word after the resurrection.  They were still unprepared for the reality.  As they meet fearfully behind closed doors, Jesus appears in the midst saying, “Peace be with you”.  Yet there is still uncertainty until he shows them his hands and his feet.  Then comes assurance and jubilation.

But what about us?  Jesus must have been thinking about us when he told Thomas, “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”  (John 20:29 NIV)

I was not there in person to see Neil Armstrong’s moon walk, but I believe it occurred.  I was not present with the apostles in the Upper Room, but I believe Jesus died and rose again and lives today.

This faith gives me the blessed hope that I want to share with others.  And I hope the same for you as a fellow believer.

O Lord of miracles give me the faith to believe and the boldness to witness to that truth.

Have a blessed Easter season,

Pastor Clint