Pastor’s Notes

My wife, Jaine, enjoys watching the Hallmark channel on t.v.  Since she is partially paralyzed it helps her pass the time, since she is unable to be up out of bed on her own.  She recently told me that the Hallmark channel is now presenting Christmas movies on Thursday nights, even though it is definitely not the Christmas season. 

          Our discussion reminded me of a story by Lawrence Houseman who relates a story dealing with Christmas.  It seems that a group of people were staging a nativity play in London, England and in this play a concealed light bulb was placed in the manger to create an illusion of the heavenly radiance.  After the visit of the shepherd and Magi, came a scene in which the house lights were all to be turned off.  This would force all eyes on the manger and hopefully lead to meditation on the mystery of the incarnation.  But the stage manager made a mistake and cut off all the lights.  Out of the silence and darkness a hoarse whisper came, “HEY THERE, YOU SWITCHED OFF JESUS!” 

          How many times have we “switched off Jesus?”  As nicer weather and summer approaches will we be “switching off Jesus?” 

          I’m sure we all will need to get out and get away for a time.  It has been a long and cold winter!  But I encourage you even when you are away to spend time with Jesus.  This can be done alone or in fellowship with other Christians. 

          And remember though our times may be difficult, the apostle John saw as he looked into the future (Revelation), that God is in control of the future as he has been in the past.  Beyond the chaos of this world, beyond the sufferings and disappointments of this earthly pilgrimage, beyond our blundering mistakes, there is a bright new day ahead!

                                                                                           Pastor Clint