Prayer Chain

Prayer Chain: Prayer is powerful and is one way you can help someone in need of prayer.  A person often wonders what you can do when someone is in a challenging situation and prayer is something we can all do.

Contact the church office at 375-4383, Lois Ankeny at 375-3854, or Jeanne Schuett at 375-5949 if you or someone you know is in need of prayers.

Please pray for:

Reta Zollars

Eric & Laurel Penn,

Gary Johnson,

Alan Adams,

Jerry & Charlotte Knaak,

Gary & Linda Wilson,

John & Lois Ankeny,

Miranda (John & Lois Ankeny’s grandaughter),

Delores Wellman,

Arlo  Raatz,

Chris Raatz (son of Arlo),

Betty (sister of Judy Raatz),

Marlene Conn,

Randy Warnemunde (son of Lillian),

Zoe Isaacson,

Keith Christensen (son of Pete),

Pete Christensen,

Marlene Anderson,

Ron Kelsey (Charlotte Knaak’s brother)

Ken Bratland,

Lois Rossiter,

Lois Stough,

Jody Carlson,

Patrick Carlson and family.

Also, keep our many home-bound members in your prayers.

Pray for Missionaries:  Remember to keep praying for Ardell & Gordon Graner, the two Methodist missionaries in the Dominican Republic that our church is to pray for this year.  They need our constant prayers as they carry on the work of the church.

PLEASE-Remember these members with cards and visits

Evalyn Peters is now at Pleasant View Nursing Home.

Evalyn Peters

1000 2nd Street South

St. James, MN 56081

Zoe Isaacson is currently at Pleasant View Nursing Home

Zoe Isaacson

1000 2nd Street South

St. James, MN 56081

Lillian Warnemunde is at Pleasant View Nursing Home

Lillian Warnemunde

1000 2nd Street South

St. James, MN 56081

Marlene Anderson is at the Seasons Healthcare in Trimont.

Marlene Anderson

303 Broadway Avenue South

Trimont, MN 56176

Marlene Conn is now in her apartment in St. James.

Marlene Conn

421 5th Ave N

Apt. 44

St. James, MN 56081